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Discipleship Evangelism (DE)

What is the Discipleship Evangelism Program?

The Discipleship Evangelism Program is a 48-lesson discipleship tool that was developed out of a five-year weekly effort to reach the lost.


It has been proven to work and is user-friendly. It supplies the necessary tools for anyone with the desire to disciple another person.


It can be effectively used in cell groups, Bible studies, reaching the lost, Sunday school, new believers class, mid-week church services, altar call follow-up, evangelistic crusade follow-up, outreaches in the mission field, prison ministries, Bible schools, and to develop church growth as well as to disciple your neighbors and friends.

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There are three levels to this program:

Level 1 is designed to explain the biblical truths of Christ and Him crucified—to bring a person into an understanding of God's great love for them that was displayed at the cross. Level 1 brings a person into repentance, the new birth, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and water baptism. All of this is done without preaching at a person but by asking them questions to bring them to the Bible for the answers. This program is designed to assist people in understanding the Bible for themselves.

Level 2 contains foundational truths of Scripture such as renewing the mind, how to meditate on God's Word, the importance of the local church, the authority of the believer, God's plan for marriage, God's kind of love, and many more.

Level 3 is designed to assist a person in learning to disciple others. It contains a Training Program that will help a person discover the how-tos of discipling others. It may be used for a training class in their local church and in discovering how to reach and disciple the lost. This level is designed to bring the "disciplee" to the place of becoming a "discipler." What has been learned from a hands-on ministry of reaching others will be taught at this level. 

It is our desire to supply as many discipling tools as possible to assist one in reaching out and discipling others.


In a normal local church, a congregation of 200 may only have five to ten people with teaching gifts in that entire congregation. As a result, five or ten people may reach out to disciple, but the majority of the people become benchwarmers in our local congregations.


As a result of this need, we are supplying discipleship tools for various individuals who do not necessarily have teaching gifts. On any mechanical job, to effectively get the job done, you must have a screwdriver, a crescent wrench, a voltage meter, a pair of pliers, and other tools to make sure you are able to accomplish the task. Each part of the discipleship program is designed to be one tool.


No one tool is better than the others, so it is our goal to supply as many tools so a majority of the body of Christ can reach out, evangelize, disciple, and teach others.

Permission is granted to duplicate or reproduce for discipleship purposes on the condition that it is distributed free of charge.

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